A Voice Among The Silent: The Legacy of James G. McDonald.

Documentary tells the remarkable story of a man who warned the world about Adolf Hitler’s plans for the Jews.

Based on McDonald’s recently discovered diaries, this hour-long documentary sheds new light on the darkest days of modern history.

A film by Shuli Eshel,
53.25 minutes, 2014. (DVD)


Passion For Dancing: The Story of Shulamith.

Passion for Dancing: The Story of Shulamith recounts the life of Shuli Eshel, an Israeli born Chicago filmmaker, as she reconnects with her childhood passion for dancing through Salsa.

The documentary weaves the themes of family, survival, friendship, love, marriage, divorce, feminism and peace activism.

A film by Shuli Eshel,
36 minutes, 2013. (DVD)


Jewish Women in American Sport. Settelment Houses to the Olimpics.

A first-of-its-kind half-hour documentary that defies the stereotypes and captures the historical legacy Jewish women have established in shaping American sport.

Movie tells the vital role Jewish women have played as athletes, administrators and activists from the settlement houses in the 1880s into the 21 st Century,  changing American society.

A film by Shuli Eshel,
27 minutes, 2007. (DVD)


The Four Lives of Hanna Eshel. The Portrait of an Artist.

Documentary is the inspiring visual biography of an artist who has built four lives through the art she created across the globe.

From galleries and shows in Paris to Canada, Italy, from Tel Aviv to New York City, Hanna Eshel’s paintings, burlaps, sculptures, paper and photo collages have brought great praise and admiration.

A film by Shuli Eshel,
30 minutes, 2005. (DVD)


Paint with a Pancil.  Portrait of Judith Roth.

Judith Roth has been the recipient of many awards & purchase prizes including an Illinois Arts Council Project Completion Grant which culminated in a one-person show at the Illinois Arts Council, Chicago IL.

Roth’s many exhibitions include Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio; Maier Museum of Art, Lynchburg, Virginia; Trenton State College, Trenton NJ; National Academy of Design, New York; Wright State University, Dayton OH, College of Lake County, Grayslake IL; J. Rosenthal Fine Arts, Ltd., Chicago IL.

A film by Shuli Eshel,
12:30 minutes, 2004.  (DVD)

Maxwell Street: A Living Memory.  The Jewish Experience in Chicago.

This 29-minute documentary, captures the essence of the Maxwell Street Market through the memories of the children and grandchildren of the Eastern European Jewish immigrants who built it.

Produced in association with the Maxwell Street Historic Preservation Coalition.

A film by Shuli Eshel, 29 minutes,
2002. (DVD)

Nahum Gutman_dvd_small
Gutman – Life and work of Israeli artist Nahum Gutman.

Nahum Gutman (1898-1980), painter, writer, illustrator and sculptor, was among the founding fathers of the renewed Hebrew culture in modern Israel.

This is the story of the artist’s life and work mostly in his own words, shedding new light on the man and his creative insights. Filmmaker Shul Eshel widens the spotlight on Nahum Gutman’s legacy and makes clear why he is considered in Israel “more than a painter and writer; he is a cultural institution, a cultural hero.”

A film by Shuli Eshel,
21 minutes, 2000. (DVD)

Illinois Women Artist: The New Millennium.

Winner’s Profiles Year 2000 Statewide Art Competition.

Film on “Illinois Women Artists. The 27-minute documentary by Chicago producer/director Shuli Eshel precedes a panel discussion of “Why Another Women’s Art Show?”

A film by Shuli Eshel,
27 minutes, 1999. (VHS)

Completing the Circle_web

Completing the Circle with Marva Jolly in Zambia.

This is the inspiring story of Marva Jolly who grew up in Crenshaw, Mississippi. She is a role model for all women artists.

She founded Mudpeople’s Studio, and Sapphire and Crystals, the first African American women artists’ collective in Chicago.

A film by Shuli Eshel,
20 minutes, 1997. (VHS)

One Step Ahead
One Step Ahead: Israeli and Palestinian Women.

Women in The Forefront of the Peace Effort

Eshel examines the Middle East women’s peace movement through personal profiles of six women, three Israeli and three Palestinian, who have been leaders in the peace movement.

Skillfully weaving the personal and public events of the six women’s lives, Eshel has them reveal the dynamics that placed them in the forefront of the women’s peace movement.

A film by Shuli Eshel,
50 minutes, 1995. (VHS)

Mudpeoples. A portrait of Clay Artist Marva Jolly.

Clay artist Marva Lee Pitchford Jolly, an African-American woman who grew up on a farm in Crenshaw, Mississippi, tells her own story.

She founded Mudpeoples Studio and Sapphire and Crystals, the first all African-American women artists collective in Chicago.

A film by Shuli Eshel,
30 minutes, 1994. (DVD)

Carol Moseley Braun_web

Carol Moseley Braun.

Born on August 16, 1947, in Chicago, Illinois, Carol Moseley Braun was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1992, becoming the first black woman to earn that distinction.

As a senator, Moseley Braun tackled many issues, including women’s rights and civil rights.

A film by Shuli Eshel,
13:30 minutes, 1992. (DVD)

Women’s Peace in the Middle East. Women Working For Peace copy
Women’s Peace in the Middle East. Women Working For Peace.

Shows Israeli and Palestinean women peace activists in meetings and marches in an attempt to get peace talks started between the Arabs and Israelis.

A film by Shuli Eshel.
27 minutes, 1991. (VHS)

Perceptions of  the Other exploring cultural diversity copy
Perceptions of  the “Other”. Exploring cultural diversity.

110 Chicago artists show their art works at four different locations in Chicago. Try to show real communications with “the other” using art for social action ways, and real conversation among different ethnic groups in order to explore cultural diversity in Chicago.

A film by Shuli Eshel,
20 minutes, 1990. (VHS)

Agam – Creation in Movement. Yaacov Agam’s Creation of the Fire – Water Sculpture.

Agam is one of the pioneer creators of the kinetic movementas well as its most outstanding contemporary representative.

His kinetic sculpture “Star of Peace” was presented as the Ben-Gurion Award for an Outstanding Contribution to Understanding Between the Peoples of the Middle East to President Anwar Sadat, Prime Minister Menachem Begin and President Jimmy Carter in 1979.

A film by Shuli Eshel,
25 minutes, 1987. (VHS)

To Be a Women Soldier: The Role of Women in the Israeli Army.

This enlightening documentary, the first of its kind, explodes myth that the Israeli women fights side-by-side in the trenches with her male counterpart.

Movie effectively illustrates the realities of army service in Israel.

A film by Shuli Eshel,
50 minutes, 1981. (DVD)